Monday, May 19, 2008

Week 6 ...Great Surprise!!!

I know you all are wondering what the hell happened to me.... Faizi and the kids surprised me on Friday... so way too busy with trying to catch up... In a nutshell,  week 6 was another tough one!  But it ended up being beautiful with my family here... All is good that ends well... so NO whining for week 6!

Week 6 ...Great Surprise!!!

I know you all are wondering what the hell happened to me.... Faizi and the kids surprised me on Friday... so way too busy with trying to catch up... In a nutshell,  week 6 was another tough one!  But it ended up being beautiful with my family here... All is good that ends well... so NO whining for week 6!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week 5 Done! Tough One!

 Week 5  marked half way of the training!!! There was a sense of celebration going into the week knowing we were half way there... It was announced on Monday in our morning yoga class that Bikram's Guru's son and old time friend died and all the classes and posture clinics were canceled.  As sad that was, we need the extra day for rest and study.  We were also told that Bikram was flying in the next day to be with us.. he really wanted to be here with us.  Week started on Tuesday and Bikram took the afternoon class with us.  Boy he was absolutely belligerent in the class.  Instead of doing yoga, he started picking on people in the class... what a distraction and he was like a crazy man!  Hard 2 hour class... the rest of the week was down hill... he had us in lectures most nites until 2:30am and Friday nite, we were in lecture until 4AM!!!  Yes we were cruising on 2 to 3 ours of sleep ... with still on our regular schedule.  Words cannot justify what the moral was like.... He would start his lecture at 9PM and then we were made to watch Indian movie into the wee hours of the morning..... I will say no more, its one of the things I am learning to filter and know that it is temporary.  The lesson I am learning from all this madness is how to keep my sanity under the worst of times... 

The amazing part of all this is... how people support each other, everyone is so supportive , we watch out for each other and there is a sense of family. If one is down there are so many people cheering for you, you just feel like you are being carried.  There is fatigue setting in, especially week 5 , mostly lack of sleep.  Why we are being put thru this torture, I don't have the answer, would it make me a better yoga teacher,  I don't think so... it seems personal power trips!!!  As Bikram puts it... he is making us "Bullet Proof, Fire Proof, Sex Proof"!!!! So there...  But I know for sure that I am definitely discovering or rediscovering things about me.  Which is  good thing.... I am so out of my comfort zone, my fight mechanism is activated and I am learning that I am much tougher than I ever imagined.

In spite of all the hell of the week, I still love the real Yoga!!! That I am happy about.  One of the highlights of my week was my studio owner and friend Jameliah, surprised me on Monday.  Boy was that a sight for sore eyes.... it was so good to see someone from home... I hardly got to see her, but it was a great treat in the middle of hell week.  

Saturday morning we did our morning yoga.. hardly was yoga... with no sleep... the class of 280 people were bunch zombies in motion !!! it was so wild there was no energy in the room.  Did the Walmart ritual and crashed in the afternoon.

At nite, 8 of us went out for a Italian dinner at the Veranda and celebrated Mother's Day!!! As usual the Saturday nite dinners are my therapy and IV for the week.  We laughed and laughed of what we were going thru and we just can't believe we are putting up with some of the antics of this yoga camp!  

I got a nice package from the kids and Faizi for Mother's Day with cards and lovely tea's!!!  I miss home as usual.. but count down is on ... we are starting week6 Yeah!!!!

We are told that Rajsharee is coming to lecture us... Bikram's wife... she is amazing we had her here for the first 2 weeks.. a true yogi...  so we are excited to have her back.  She really uplifts our soul.  I know its going to be a long week.. we have to catch up on the posture clinic's.  We are told Bikram is leaving for India , so hopefully no more all niter's!!!!

Today is Mother's Day,  a bit sad thinking of my Grandmother and not being home with the kids.  I woke up early and watched the ocean from my room balcony.  Reflected on who I am and the journey I am taking and how I define my self.  I realized that being a MOM is the great joy of my life and that's how I define myself.  I smiled as I saw dolphins in the ocean out for their morning swim.... It brought peace to me and I know I will home soon to be with my babies!!!!

To all the great Mum's ..... Happy Mother's Day!  

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week 4 Done!!!

I can't believe its been a month, 4 weeks !!! We are all counting down.  Week 4 was tough for everyone!!! but there was a sense of accomplishment amongst us that we have almost made it half way !!!  Life in the yoga torture chamber is going and going.. tough, rough and brutal at times... We have lots of visiting teachers coming to teach some are really good and give us energy and then there are some that suck the energy out of us.... Slow and boring and LONG!!!! It's just another day in the paradise.  I am feeling better, but by mid week, I am drained and drinking pedialyte by the bottles to keep myself from dehydrating.  The heat in the yoga room is unbearable at time.. its ranges around 12oF with 60% humidity... I am not kidding when I tell you, some people are getting blisters on their feet!

Bikram comes back Monday and in a weird sort of way we are all excited to have him back.... He brings a lot of energy to this place, otherwise run by his militants!! ( I mean it).  I know our late..late nites will start.. oh well.. at this point .. I say bring it on...

The weekends are much welcomed break.. way too short, but also hard for me.. I miss home the most.  Counting down days.... Mexico is celebrating Cinco de Mayo!! The resort is crowded with guest and celebrations and I am looking at them and jealous that I wish I was on a holiday too!!! They all seemed so relaxed, drinking and having fun, while I am tired, and studying!!! We are at an amazing resort.. I would recommend it to anyone who wants come for vacation with the family!!!! I have yet to enjoy the resort... I am hoping week 7 or so we can start to explore the city!

Nothing exciting from me.. the same old ... except I do I have to report that I have found a remedy for my sweat in the ear syndrome!!! Good old cotton plugs!!! They work like a charm !!!

Thank GOD for little pleasures in life.  Thank you so much for all the support and blessing you are sending my way.  I miss you all!!!

Hugs to you all!