Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week 4 Done!!!

I can't believe its been a month, 4 weeks !!! We are all counting down.  Week 4 was tough for everyone!!! but there was a sense of accomplishment amongst us that we have almost made it half way !!!  Life in the yoga torture chamber is going and going.. tough, rough and brutal at times... We have lots of visiting teachers coming to teach some are really good and give us energy and then there are some that suck the energy out of us.... Slow and boring and LONG!!!! It's just another day in the paradise.  I am feeling better, but by mid week, I am drained and drinking pedialyte by the bottles to keep myself from dehydrating.  The heat in the yoga room is unbearable at time.. its ranges around 12oF with 60% humidity... I am not kidding when I tell you, some people are getting blisters on their feet!

Bikram comes back Monday and in a weird sort of way we are all excited to have him back.... He brings a lot of energy to this place, otherwise run by his militants!! ( I mean it).  I know our late..late nites will start.. oh well.. at this point .. I say bring it on...

The weekends are much welcomed break.. way too short, but also hard for me.. I miss home the most.  Counting down days.... Mexico is celebrating Cinco de Mayo!! The resort is crowded with guest and celebrations and I am looking at them and jealous that I wish I was on a holiday too!!! They all seemed so relaxed, drinking and having fun, while I am tired, and studying!!! We are at an amazing resort.. I would recommend it to anyone who wants come for vacation with the family!!!! I have yet to enjoy the resort... I am hoping week 7 or so we can start to explore the city!

Nothing exciting from me.. the same old ... except I do I have to report that I have found a remedy for my sweat in the ear syndrome!!! Good old cotton plugs!!! They work like a charm !!!

Thank GOD for little pleasures in life.  Thank you so much for all the support and blessing you are sending my way.  I miss you all!!!

Hugs to you all!

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Sonia said...

Hi Baj !!

Love reading your blog.. In fact am sharing your stories with my yogi friends here (they still are going to the classes, but of course, I'm not)...
You're almost half way through !!! Can't wait to talk to you when you are back - love, binno