Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wondering where I have been... Week 7, 8 & 9

I am still alive and sort of kicking.... Its almost over in a day and half!!! Yeah... the past three weeks have been HELL WEEK!!!! in all ways....   Both body and mind started to give up and it almost seemed that this treacherous journey will never end!  I stopped e-mailing, blogging and all contact with the outside world!  ( except for talking to the family , that also every other day, really short)  Just trying to survive was absolutely draining my energy.  I totally gave myself to the yoga bubble that I am in!  It took too much energy to think of anyone or anything other than my own physical pain and mental trials.  In week 8, I was hit with flu along with 100 or so other yogis... we are so depleted that we have no immunity.  Still fighting the cold.  No rest for the weary.. I was still required to follow the schedule.   Talk about self realization!  There is so much to write and tell you all... but again, hanging by a fine fine thread with 4 hours of sleep at best.... Don't worry I am hanging in strong.. relatively speaking.. counting down hours and minutes..... So my dear friend thanks for coming along with me on this journey.  I will talk to you all when I get back!  And Yes I have much to tell!  Still loving my yoga!

Hugs to you all

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Sonia said...

can't wait till you get back and hear all about it !! congratulatiosn too !!