Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week 3 DONE!!!

Sunday morning 7:30am, I am off to Walmart!!! Yeah!!!  The week was crazy, the heat is on , both in yoga room and otherwise, It flew... We are so busy with yoga and posture clinic, there is no time.  I sometimes feel out of body experience, my dialogue seems to be going well... for some reason, I get all nervous and shaky when I get to present it... surprisingly, I am not shy of public speaking, I have done so much of it in my work life.  I know on so many levels this is different.  Teaching a class is a different monster.  Week was the normal crazy, towards the end I felt I was getting sick... I have started to have nite sweats, which is the NORM again, part of detox, since we are doing so much yoga!  They use the word Detox so frequently, everything is Detox!!! I feel like I am in REHAB!!!  As my previous blog says, I was really sick  on Friday, emotionally and Physically.
Saturday morning yoga was horrible, I froze again in the floor series, my lower body literally locked up.  After class I spoke to a teacher, who told me to get some pedia lyte into my body ASAP!!! I guzzled two bottles of it.. I think my body went into sugar shock!!! I immediately started feeling better!  But I am still getting the chills , again I m told I am detoxing... hell the way I am going I am going to be clean as a whistle!!!! Ha.. Ha..

I took CPR Saturday and now I am ready to save the world!  I studied quite a bit in the afternoon, we have another test on Anatomy and the freaking dialogue never ends... Saturday nite our usual dinner with girls.. which is such lovely time, the only time we feel like us!!! the personalities we were before we came to this boot camp!

3rd week has been rough on a lot of people like me, who were strong the first 2 weeks and NOW it was our turn, I am not kidding you at the end of Friday nite class, the yoga room was full of people crying and sobbing!  The support for each other, is amazing, so much out pour of love for each other, I am so amazed at that.  Its sad to say few more people are leaving to go home, they just cannot do it.  I am really sad for them.  The thing is .. people on the outside.. like you all at home, cannot even imagine what this is like... being here with people who are going thru the same thing, they totally get it!  I got an amazing support e-mail from one of my teachers, Graham, his words were like gold to me.... they came at a perfect time, when I really needed them. 

But I AM STILL LOVING IT!!!! So not to worry... what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger.. isn't what they say... lets hope I come out stronger not dead!!! Just kidding!

So off to Walmart I go.. getting some pedialyte and stuff.  I am treating myself to a massage today!!!  I have so much to study today prepare for week 4!  Keep the e-mails coming I love reading them, they are great support to me!  I miss you all... hugs to you!!!

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